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The hotel and restaurant “de Paris” **,

is ideally located just two steps from the railway station and the town centre of Briançon. The sports complex (indoor / outdoor pool, ice rink..) and the ski lifts are only 300m away and more generally the hotel is located within a world renowned holiday destination.

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chambres 01

30 bedrooms with a choice of single, twin, double and family rooms.


flat screen television

free WIFI


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For your breakfast we offer a “eat as much as you want” buffet.
A bar to relax and have a refreshing drink after a long day, a terrace in the shade of our lime tree for those long summer days.

Our restaurant offers a “Cuisine Fraîche” made from market and local products in the form of a ‘eat as much as you want” buffet (during the season) along with a daily changing meat / fish dish.
Home made food by our chef Didier LE MAR.

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Summer time : Cycling paradise, motorbiking, walking, mountaineering, rafting and white water sports.

Winter time : Skiing in Serre Chevalier Valley, snowshoeing, skidooing, cross country skiing, husky dogging and other winter sports...

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Town of art and history, at the crossroads of five different valleys including the Durance, the Guisane and the Cerveyrette, well known for its old town (registered on the UNESCO world heritage list - press pack) and for being one of the sunniest towns in France.

Briançon is also a part of the ski resort of Serre-Chevalier (250km of downhill pistes 45km of cross country pistes).

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Come and relax in Briançon !

The Hôtel de Paris has partnered with Les Grands Bains of Monetier for your pleasure and relaxation.

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