Safety Tips for Night Camping

Camping is definitely an Is camping safe for a woman and different choice for loners and families with youthful children. It’s an chance to savor the truly amazing outdoors without going too much at home, particularly when you join Pawna Lake Camping.

However, when planning and packing for the What to do before during and after camping near Mumbai, safety ought to be your main concern. As thrilling because it sounds, night camping could be harmful, especially if you don’t put proper safety safeguards in position.

However it does not need to be night Basic rules of camping could be fulfilling, revitalizing, and fun. Based on a study released in 2017, camping attracted over 40 million people from around the globe. That’s to let you know that lots of everyone loves connecting with nature every so often.

But you have to go ahead and take Personal safety while camping that’ll be outlined in the following paragraphs into consideration to make sure your overnight stay is really a safe one.

Strategies for Night Camping

Therefore, before you go for Pawna Lake camping, put these pointers towards the top of the mind when you are for night camping :

Put Food Away Correctly

Food attracts wildlife yes, from insects or bugs to 20 tips in camping safety, squirrels, mongoose, as well as bears. Making no mistake about this bears could be pretty frightening. You wouldn’t want these critters spoiling the night camping or perhaps coming near your campground by any means.

Which is why you need to make certain that you simply stow the food from in which the aroma doesn’t have possibility of getting away. Obtain a couple of bear-resistant food lockers or containers which are specifically delegated for camp food storage.

These food lockers are made in a way that bears cannot smell their contents, because of the exceptional insulation the lockers are made with. Opt for storing the containers a minimum of 100 ft from your campground to become safe and sound because bears can smell food from a long way away.

Most camping areas – like Pawna Lake camping spots – have locations that are designated for eating. So, you should think about sticking with individuals places whenever possible.

Go for a walk round the limitations of the campground to weigh within the perils of camping at this particular place. If you see a great deal of put on on barks and occasional-hanging branches, it’s an indication that bears have enjoyed some play by rubbing from the wood at this location.

And appear around to make sure that your camping place isn’t anywhere near berry patches because these are tasty snacks for bears along with other critters.

Never Get Caught inside a Lightning Storm

It’s not easy to calculate nature, and despite weather reports, nature will go haywire anytime.

Therefore, if you get caught inside a lightning storm or hear the seem of thunder, it just implies that you’re within 10 miles of the storm. And you ought to do your very best to find refuge or shelter as quickly as possible.

Most camping tents used at Pawna Lake camping ground frequently use aluminum rods to make them as lightweight as you possibly can. Whatever you decide and not keep in mind is the fact that these aluminum rods could be a considerable risk with regards to getting caught inside a lightning storm.

Therefore, the easiest method to prevent accidents inside a lightning storm would be to leave your sleeping bag within the tent and obtain to your vehicle. Your body of the automobile might be metallic, however your tires will easily ground the facility if you get hit with a lightning strike.

So if you’re swimming and listen to the seem of thunder, please get free from water immediately because water is a superb conductor of electricity.

Camp in Designated Areas

One other way to actually remain safe whenever you opt for night camping near Pune is as simple as establishing camp in designated areas. Pawna Lake camping is really a place that individuals from around the globe visit whenever they would like to escape the noise, hustles, and bustles of city existence.

And also the campground has lots of designated locations that campers can remain throughout the week or weekends.

Therefore, don’t set off the beaten track because should you choose, you might finish up in an exceedingly harmful area that’s frequented by wildlife. You may even be prone to valleys vulnerable to flash flooding, locations near animal homes, or perhaps areas which are very unsafe for other geographical reasons.


You need to make certain your campground is definitely clean. Never leave any leftovers on view since the odor of food can attract critters like bears yet others towards where you are.

Should there be food remains, you should think about handing them between two trees a minimum of ten ft over the ground. Before you hang the meals, make certain it’s adequately sealed.

Most campgrounds such as the Pawna Lake camping ground have bear-resistant dumpsters so that bears and so forth think it is more difficult to spread out. The likelihood of bears approaching the campgrounds looking for food are, therefore, very slim.

Never sleep within the same clothes that you simply used when you were cooking. It is because the whiff from the cooked food will probably stick with you lengthy once you are done cooking. So, possess a change of clothing once you are through with cooking and secure the soiled clothes within an air-tight bag.

Always clean your campground to avoid encroachment by raccoons, bears, along with other creatures.

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