How Die-Cut Wall Decals Are Made and Applied

Before I acquired in to the Sticker Mule floor stickers, I wasn’t quite sure how die-cut decals were applied. How did they obtain the telephone number so straight on the truck? Or how was that intricate emblem die-cut emblem put on a wall allowing the wall color to exhibit through?

Now, getting been in the industry for more than Sticker Mule wall decal the process, I forget our consumers don’t always comprehend how their custom wall decals are created slot online. I decided to attempt to explain both how, and why, they’re very easy to use.

So, let us go ahead and take Nike What are transfer stickers. It’s mainly letters along with a swish, right? Well let’s say I needed the wall color to exhibit through in which the letters were absent?

Some might believe that we’d print the Die cut vinyl stickers on obvious vinyl. That will seem sensible right? The How to apply die cut stickers from the wall would surface and it might be simple to apply.

But to be honest, do you consider that will have an attractive appearance? In certain lighting, you realize you could see in which the obvious tape ends which would look, well… tacky.

So then your best option is always to die stamped each letter right?

That would not be too hard for the emblem, particularly if the wall decal may be large – for any lobby or conference room.

What when the lettering were smaller sized? Or let’s say we would have liked to incorporate the smaller sized text “Stick to your look” within the decal? That text is script and far smaller sized and thinner compared to letters within our emblem.

This is where a 3 layer mask is available in. Here’s how it operates.


Therefore the vinyl is either printed and cut, or die stamped from the solid color vinyl sheet. It comes down from the machine still held together through the backing since the blades are going to only cut the vinyl and never with the paper backing.

Then you’re ready to “weed” the vinyl. Weeding happens when someone requires a tweezer or perhaps a pointed pick oral appliance pulls off each bit that isn’t needed. So within our emblem example, we will have to weed everything round the emblem, including within the “e.”

Then, the only real part left around the paper backing will be the emblem.

So how can we have that emblem in the backing paper to the wall? Here’s in which the third layer is available in.

Next, we take obvious transfer tape and put it on within the entire decal. (You need to understand what the decal will be relevant to so the properly transfer tape can be used.)

Within our situation, we currently ship the custom wall decal to our customer.


And all sorts of our customer must do in order to use the decal for their wall, is just remove the paper backing.

When the backing paper is taken away, the adhesive side from the decal is uncovered. The emblem or decal takes place together through the obvious transfer tape and may be easily used in as though it were one decal.

When the decal continues to be squeegeed to the wall, the client simply grabs the corner from the transfer tape, and gradually pulls it in a ninety degree position. Perfectly, the decal stays on your wall and also the obvious transfer paper becomes trash.

And that’s it – a 3 layer mask.

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