Surgical pendants

What are Surgical pendants?

Surgical pendants are important equipment for doctors in operating theaters. It’s used for a better display and does a lot of complicated operations on patients. This pendant is easy to use and provides sound support to each member of the operating theater. Ceiling pendants are more comfortable when compared to the traditional version. It is used to provide anesthesia and respiratory protection and other functions during operations, which provide assistance to health workers and patients in the operating room and emergency room.

Surgical pendants are medical gas supply devices in the hospital operating room. This is a very necessary medical device that can be directly used to take through gas transfers for oxygen, suction, and compressed air supply. It’s widely used in various fields of modern operations, such as plastic surgery, orthopedic, gynecology, urology, general operation, maxillofacial operation, and so on.

You Need To know about Surgical Pendants

Surgical pendants, also known as medical pendants, are the technology used in the operating theater and intensive care units. The pendant system consists of nanometer optical fiber cables which are usually directed through ceilings for optical transmitters and receivers.

Surgery Pendant Systems

This network offers many advantages compared to traditional oxygen, air, and suction sucking methods. For example, a pendant does not require a special cable or installation, which means that they are easily transferred to a number of locations in the hospital environment easily.

They are usually the most effective Surgical pendants when used in the operating theater or intensive care unit (ICU). In general, the pendant used for surgical purposes must have a very strict and comprehensive design to meet all important criteria for medical personnel.

Medical Pendants

Medical service pendants are important equipment in the operating room, which allow staff to transport medical services to patients quickly and effectively, thus reducing space use. Traditionally, to power the tool staff tool using, such as surgical tools, emergency power tools, and ventilators, they run hoses and cables on the floor. This approach presents a number of risks, including travel and falls for staff, and reduces the function of theater operations. Equipment must be moved around the operating theater during the procedure and requires storage facilities with these areas when not in use.

Pendant medical services move electrical and gas channels, audio-visual services, and data from the wall panel to the relay unit. This means that the pendant is at close range with surgeons, anesthesia, and patients, allowing a smooth but safe experience.

Pendant System

The pendant system serves various functions in the modern operating room. They provide electricity, medical gas, and data connections. On one interface plate on the ceiling, you will find all the supply paths in your room. This is similar to a surgical light, except that Dowel holds this much larger equipment and the disc attached to larger ceilings. When falling ceilings often consist of a number of individual panels, to avoid unsightly and expensive appearances have open wall cavities, medium frames are used. A safe and clean operating room is very important for efficient medical practice. Using a pendant system reduces chaos on the floor and reduces risk while facilitating cleaning.

Hospitals use pendant systems in many areas:

  • In the Intensive Care Unit (ICU)
  • In Endoscopy
  • Surgery Pendant Systems
  • In Operation theater as Anesthetics

OT Pendant

Our OT Pendants work seamlessly with highly demanding operating room environments to deliver a professional quality solution for the positioning of medical equipment, gas, surgical pendants, and other instruments. The height, tilt, and roll of the head end axis can be adjusted to fit a comfortable position and height. The arms and shelves of an OT Pendant can be cleaned to minimize the possibility of cross-contamination. We offer a variety of OT Pendants with single and double arms.

Ceiling Pendant

Ceiling pendants help optimize the space inside an operating room to keep it clutter-free and allow surgeons to work effectively without risk of injury. Medical equipment is safer when placed on a column because the column makes it easier to do tasks and procedures and increases safety. Edsel Medical Supply offers a wide variety of surgical supplies, including anesthesiology and surgical pendants instrumentation.

Anesthesia Pendant

Surgeries generally take place in operating rooms, which are equipped with surgical pendants that control the machines used during surgery and anesthesia pendants for administering gas and anesthesia. Anesthesia pendants offer flexibility and enable easier access to the patient’s mouth. In addition, they meet the laminar flow requirements as well as being fast and silent.

Endoscope Pendant

An endoscopic operating room must be outfitted with an endoscope pendant and anesthesia pendant. The first provides a source of carbon dioxide and the second an anesthetic mixture of air and oxygen, which powers the anesthesia machine. A serializable endoscopic pendant has multilevel trays to support surgical pendants equipment during laparoscopic surgery. A high-quality gas supply terminal provides a safe operating environment.


We can say that the pendant is widely used in operation theaters. Changing its design has paved a way for many opportunities. Surgical pendants are easily available today and their functionality is also good. With the advancement in technology and implementation of new techniques and tools, the medical industry has achieved a great rise in the field of telemedicine. Surgical Pendants are some of the most important tools that help in performing various complicated surgeries on patients.

Surgical Pendants are playing a vital role in the medical industry. They are providing assistance to surgeons who conduct complicated surgery in operation theaters. With the help of this product, it has become easier for doctors to communicate with each other as well as with patients. The increasing popularity of this device is becoming very common in most operating theaters, which has reduced the risks of cross-contamination during surgeries. Surgical Pendants will play a vital role in the medical industry in the future too.

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